Through thin and thick.
Through thin and thick.
The ByStar Fiber is Bystronic's new high-end fiber laser.
Highest dynamics.
Highest dynamics.
A newly developed machine design with a short cutting bridge enables highest cutting dynamics, even when cutting complex contours.
ByVision Cutting.
ByVision Cutting.
With the new ByVision Cutting user interface, Bystronic unites all the functions associated with laser cutting on a touch screen.

Fiber laser cutting without compromises

November 2015


Consistently through thin and thick. With the new ByStar Fiber laser cutting system, Bystronic presents a high-end all-rounder that uses the full potential of fiber laser technology.

The ByStar Fiber pushes the limits. With a fundamentally redesigned machine concept, Bystronic is redefining fiber laser cutting and thereby expanding the range of applications of the cutting technology. The driving question behind the development of the new fiber laser: What will users require in the future, in order to enjoy success with fiber laser cutting? Bystronic product manager Mario Duppenthaler says the machine is an all-rounder: A fiber laser that cuts thin sheet metal at an unbeatable speed. But which, in addition, also achieves an outstanding cutting performance in the thick sheet metal range. And all this with the lowest possible operating costs and low maintenance requirements.

Innovation down to the detail

With its uncompromising high-end performance, the ByStar Fiber is aimed at users who want to rely fully on fiber laser technology. Users who will in future cut their entire range of orders using the fiber laser: from stainless steel, through to aluminum and mild steel, right up to non-ferrous metals, such as copper and brass. And all this from thin to thick with consistently high cutting quality.

The great innovation of the ByStar Fiber lies in the single-mindedness with which Bystronic developed this fiber laser. Right down to the smallest detail, the machine is geared towards fiber laser cutting, without compromises. Regardless of whether high cutting dynamics, seamlessly tying in automation solutions, intelligent sensor technology, or the integration into modern software systems. All this is possible with the ByStar Fiber.


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