BySmart Fiber: New in 4020 Format

BySmart Fiber: New in 4020 Format

August 2019

Large-format fiber laser cutting is opening up special benefits in competition. To this end, Bystronic is now producing the BySmart Fiber in the 4020 format. Up to 6-kilowatt laser power and compatible automation solutions can be added.

With immediate effect, Bystronic is also offering the fiber laser cutting system BySmart Fiber in the 4020 format. With the larger format, users can now process sheet metal of up to 4 by 2 meters on the BySmart Fiber. This increases the productivity of the machine because cut parts can be nested more efficiently on large-format sheet metal and raw material waste is reduced. The larger machine format offers an ideal opportunity to rise above the competition when vying for cutting orders. Compared to the 3015 standard format, the BySmart Fiber 4020 cuts large parts from sheet metal up to 4 meters long and 2 meters wide.

Depending on the production spectrum and customer wishes, the BySmart Fiber 4020 is available for selection with varying laser power levels of 3, 4, and 6 kilowatts. With the 6-kilowatt power level, users increase their cutting speed to the maximum. For example, up to 60 percent in thin 3-millimeter stainless steel compared to a fiber laser power of 4 kilowatts. It boasts an even bigger performance advantage over 6-kilowatt CO2 lasers. Here, the BySmart Fiber with 6 kilowatts goes through thin 3-millimeter stainless steel two-and-a-half times faster. In doing so, the parts output is increased up to 250 percent, depending on material and sheet thickness.

For an expanded application spectrum reaching into high material thicknesses, Bystronic offers the Power Cut Fiber function in the BySmart Fiber's basic package starting with a laser power of 6 kilowatts. Thus, users achieve particularly fine cutting quality in material thicknesses of up to 30 millimeters. This opens up additional possibilities for cutting orders in thick material in which the visual appearance of cut parts plays an important role.

Automation for any Order Situation

Bystronic is also opening the BySmart Fiber 4020 for connection to versatile automation solutions. Because for many users, automated laser cutting is a critical criterion for success. Automation solutions for fiber laser cutting offer a decisive advantage: They increase the utilization of the laser cutting system to the maximum, and they reduce time-consuming material handling for the operator. Both lead to cutting orders being carried out faster and at a lower cost.

The loading and unloading solutions ByTrans Cross 4020, BySort, ByTrans 4020, ByTrans Extended 4020, and Byloader 4020 are available for selection. But automation solutions from other providers can also be connected. The Bystronic systems fully or partially automate organization of material flow depending on the order situation, and additionally offer sufficient free space around the laser cutting system for manually processing smaller orders at any time.

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