ByCell Bend Smart

ByCell Bend Smart

Your fast and cost-effective entry into fully automated bending technology

  • Cost-effective bending cell for the entry into the world of fully automated bending.
  • Robust and reliable bending automation solution that maximizes your output.
  • Optimized layout of the full range of bending automation solutions.
  • Multiple configurations and customized grippers for the Bending Robot Smart.
  • Enlarged processing range of the bending robot due to the changing system, thus increasing the production flexibility of the whole system.
  • Gripper system adapted to real-life applications.
  • Robot control software specifically designed for bending applications.
  • Efficient and easy to learn programming thanks to the robot parameter and instructions dedicated to bending.

ByCell Bend Smart 20 80 130
Max. part size approx. 1000x800 mm 2500x1250 mm 3000x1500 mm
Part weight approx. 8 kg 45 kg 70 kg
Robot payload 20 kg 80 kg 130 kg
Length linear axis robot (OPTION) 4 m 5 m 5 m
Max. sheet metal stack height approx. 1200, 1400 mm 1000, 1300 mm 1000, 1300 mm
Max. stack height bend parts approx. 1200, 1400 mm 1000, 1300 mm 1000, 1300 mm
Number of gripper stations (option) 5 5 5
Air supply 6 bar 6 bar 6 bar
Tonnage Pressbrake 50, 80 t 100, 160, 225 t 225, 300 t
Bending length 1050, 2100 mm 3100, 4100 mm 3100, 4100 mm
Dimension (L*W*H) 5579x4749x2330 mm 7637x7724x2490 mm 7637x7724x2490 mm

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